International Hangout

Group of students smiling

August 30, 2018
4 to 7 p.m.
Tabaret Lawn

Will you be on campus before school starts? You’re not alone. Meet students from all over the world during this big gathering in front of Tabaret Hall.

A BBQ, music and entertainment await you.

Featuring: Lady Beats Duo and DJ Skorpyon.

Free entrance. No registration required.

Lady Beats Duo

This amazing duo is composed of Melissa Lavergne and Dj Abeille. They ignite the scene everywhere they go. The two have collaborated with several artists, including Sean Paul in 2011.

DJ Skorpyon

Composer, producer and professor of DJ lessons, this Quebec DJ has several strings to his bow. He participates in several events in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

Photos and videos: Photographs, videos and audio recordings of this event may be produced and may include your recognizable image. By participating in the event, you therefore consent to being photographed, video-taped and audio-taped. You thereby authorize the University to use any of these recordings for its activities and events, as well as for its print and electronic promotional material, including on the Internet via the University website or other social media websites. If you have any questions, please contact:

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