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Welcome Week 2016 | Semptember 1 to 10

Welcome to all students!

We’re so excited that you’ve chosen uOttawa and look forward to meeting you at Welcome Week 2016! 

From September 1st to 10th, we’ve got action-packed, informative and fun experiences to help you get to know the University of Ottawa and meet new people! Take part in Welcome Week and get your session off to a great start!

Welcome Week is your time to discover all the great things uOttawa has to offer! Enjoy the ride!

The week is open to all students!

Back to School Step by Step

Get your student card

Your uOttawa card is not only your official University of Ottawa student card —  it's also a meal plan card, library card, photocopy card, gym membership card, access card and campus debit card! The uOttawa card provides you with safe, convenient access to your money and combines many cards into one.

New students can apply for their first uOttawa card on line.

Attend your faculty’s mandatory information session (for newly admitted students only)

Register for your mandatory faculty information session. Meet professors, students in your program and Faculty support staff, all of whom will help you make the most of your university experience. The session also includes a presentation on student services and what to expect during first year.

If you’re in civil law, common law, education or medicine, follow your faculty’s instructions to register.

Learn more about uOttawa Faculties and Services

Welcome new students!

We are delighted that you have chosen the University of Ottawa and we would love to meet you and your parents at the prestigious President’s Welcome where you will be able to meet with our new President. 

We realize that many of you have questions about our services and faculties.

  • What kind of activities can I attend on campus?
  • What service should I turn to if I’m being harassed?
  • Where can I go to get help if I’m having personal issues or academic problems? 
  • Should I register with a family doctor? 

Representatives from University of Ottawa faculties and services will be on hand to answer all your questions.

This event is free and open to all new students and their parents.

Come meet the New President of the University of Ottawa, Jacques Fremont! 

Information sessions offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), room 4006


Student Services Presentation


Student Academic Success Service (SASS)

  • At this information session, you will learn about the available academic support services on campus and how to utilize these services to ease the transition to University. A brief presentation by Protection Services will also be given. We highly encourage both parents and students to attend. Registration is required.
  • Presentation given by Simone Davis, Learning Consultant, Academic Support Unit, Student Academic Support Service 


Participate in welcoming activities

Experience uOttawa outside the classroom! The Community Life Service offers a week full of activities to help make your first week on campus a truly memorable one: a back to school concert (uO Show), uO Picnik, street shows, BBQ, movie nights, and more!

Check out the fun activities and events happening all week long.

Get your U-Pass

From the beginning of September until the end of April, your U-Pass provides unlimited access to the entire OC Transpo/STO network, if you’re a full-time student. It’s your gateway to Ottawa. No more rushing around to get change or bus tickets. The U-Pass program is offered by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) and the Graduate Students Association (GSAED), in cooperation with the University of Ottawa and OC Transpo/STO.

Learn more about the U-Pass.

OC Transpo

Know your way around town and figure out your transit options to get to campus with OC Transpo.


Get a doctor on campus

All uOttawa students can register with a UOHS family doctor. The benefits are: consistent health care provider on campus, shortened wait time, access to allied health professionals and mental health services, access to special programs (dietitian, smoking cessation, etc.). The clinic is located at 100 Marie Curie on campus. Register online on the University of Ottawa Health Services Website, or call 613-564-3950.

The basics

  • Know your student number and password
  • Register for your courses
  • Pay your tuition fees
  • Buy your textbooks and other course materials
  • Find out where to go for administrative and academic services
  • Understand and memorize your timetable

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