Mandatory Faculty Information Sessions

Welcome new students

We’re excited to hear you’ve chosen uOttawa and we welcome you to the Gee-Gees family!

From August 30 to September 10, we’ve got an action-packed, fun and informative week planned for you, to help you meet new people and familiarize yourself with your new campus. Take part in Welcome Week and start your University journey on the right foot.

Start by registering for your mandatory faculty info session below, then take a look at the events and picture yourself standing amongst a crowd of fellow Gee-Gees, cheering on your team, or singing along with an amazing band.

Information session registration (for newly admitted students only)

Register for your mandatory faculty information session. Meet professors, students in your program and Faculty support staff, all of whom will help you make the most of your university experience. The session also includes a presentation on student services and what to expect during first year.

If you’re in civil law, common law, education or medicine, you do not need to fill out this form but follow the instructions your faculty will send to you by email.

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