Michel Guilbeault in front of the living wall.

You’ve just received an admission letter from the University of Ottawa. The moment you’ve been eagerly anticipating for weeks, even months, is finally here. Your hands shake with excitement; you struggle to open the envelope. Your vision blurs as you quickly scan the letter, looking for the long-awaited “congratulations”. There it is! At the top of the page! CONGRATULATIONS! Today, your adventure begins. You’re about to embark on an extraordinary university experience!

You’re now part of the very large Gee-Gee family. With the help of your peers, student-athletes, faculty members, employees, the Ottawa community and an impressive number of alumni, you will shine.

You’ll proudly wear the garnet and grey as you promote diversity, bilingualism, innovation, sustainability and respect.

As a Gee-Gee, you’ll play a key role in fulfilling the social mission of the University of Ottawa, the largest bilingual (French-English) university in the world. You’ll be part of an institution that is committed to working with others to perpetuate positive change in our community. Your creative spirit will constantly strive to innovate. You’ll achieve more than you ever thought you could, and you’ll defy the conventional. Your inner Gee-Gee will push you to reach your fullest potential. You’ll take part in memorable events and forge lasting friendships that will make your university experience unforgettable!

Long after you leave with your diploma, you’ll still be a Gee-Gee. Your knowledge, open-mindedness, individuality, values and uOttawa experience will identify you as an alumni wherever life takes you around the world.

Welcome to the family!

- Michel Guilbeault, Associate Vice-President, Student Services


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Back to School Step by Step

  • Get your student card
  • Attend your faculty’s mandatory information session
  • Visit the campus
  • Participate in welcoming activities
  • Get your U-Pass
  • Get a doctor on campus
  • Tell your parents to get informed

Details (Back to school step-by-step guide )

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